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Creación para ENCUENTROS ON DANZA 4.0, La Tacones.

I visit different phases of the water element leaning on one of Igor Stravinsky's inspirations: his childhood memory of the sound of ice cracking. When speaking of its composition Igor Stravinsky said "I had only my ear to guide me. I wrote what I heard". I recall my own memories of the sounds and sensations of winter in the mountains of Andorra. The pleasant and hard at the same time of this experience highlight the exaltation and gratitude that the arrival of spring provokes. A proposal based on the study of "The Consecration of Spring" by Igor Stravinsky and several choreographic pieces: Vaslav Nijinski, Pina Bausch, Sasha Waltz, Olivier Dubois, Raymund Hoghe, Maurice Béjart, Angelin Preljocaj, Martha Graham, Marion Muzac, Marie Wigman, and Mats Ek.

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